Business Planning

When considering new investments or opportunities in entering new markets, a thorough understanding of market trends as well as the company’s abilities is essential. Strategic planning enables companies and investors to determine the goals, milestones and the reasons they believe the plan is attainable.


Our vast experience in management of companies in addition to a deep industrial and economical experience, creates plans with wide consideration to both market structure and trends. We believe that it is not enough for a business plan to consider the market and trends. A good business plan is one that can be executed de facto according to the company’s abilities and resources.
What we do:
  • Creating business plans - Our compound understanding of markets and trends in addition to multi-disciplinary staff, enables our clients to master the forces of change and withstand competition by planning the way to achieve competitive advantage. Our vast experience in managing companies and executing business plans helps our clients achieve realistic business plans that can be carried out over time. In addition to creating the business plan we continue and help the companies in executing them.
  • Profitability examination - We study projects and management plans in terms of profitability and risk. These examinations enable our clients a thorough understanding of the projects profitability and risk in terms of IRR and NPV and determine the right projects to be executed.
  • Market research - We inspect and achieve understanding of market structure, size and trends. Our experience in examining markets enable us to reflect on the main factors effecting the market and their trends.
  • Strategic planning - We assist companies in determining the course of business, the abilities needed to be developed and the markets they should be competing in.
  • Business modeling - We assist companies by building analytical models containing the rationale of how certain projects create, deliver and capture value. Once a model is built, it is a great decision support managerial tool in building strategy, future profitability and gaining understanding of the sensitiveness of different commercial factors. Moreover, these models can assist companies and creditors in assessing the ability to repay loans over time.

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